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Review for The Recovery Trilogy
"Gorgeous covers"

“When I asked May to do the covers for the three parts to The Recovery Trilogy I gave her very little to work with aside from an outline of the story. I had no idea what I really wanted – but a clear idea of what I didn’t want. I didn’t want typical MM Romance covers for this trilogy but I did want each cover to illustrate the story – of someone broken by events who is slowly brought back to life by the man who serves him a single glass of vodka each evening. Not only did May come back with a great concept that is visually beautiful but she managed to capture each instalment’s feel. I was so thrilled with the final results – that played a big part in the success of the trilogy – that I’m having them printed and framed.”

Review for Destiny Defined series covers
"Exactly what I saw in my head"

“I am so very happy I chose May Dawney to design the covers for my epic fantasy series. Just a short conversation and she could already see inside my head. I absolutely love what she puts together. Her talent and skill for design is amazing and affordable too.”