Promotional Package

Promotional Package


Nothing sells a book like a beautiful mockup to use in your advertisement. Putting them together properly takes the proper software and skill, however, so I offer you the opportunity to have it done for you.

When you buy the promotional package, you can pick any three* mockups on this page. All audio book phone images can be switched out for an ebook version (no earbuds either). You can submit a background image for each. I will choose three for you if you do not. You will receive nine mocked up images for the $25 price tag:

  • Your three chosen mockups with a transparent background
  • Your three chosen mockups with the backgrounds you have supplied (or have given me the liberty to choose)
  • Your three chosen mockups with a cover reveal image or a neutral background that is the same for all three mockups

Once you have purchased this package, please fill in the promotional package order form so I can get started!

*Feel free to buy this package more than once if you need more than three mock-ups.

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