Title Treatment Cover Package

Title Treatment Cover Package


You have found the perfect image to put on your book cover, but you’re not sure how to get the title, tagline and/or your author name on there in a way that is appealing, clean, and well-balanced. This package is for you. When you apply for this package, I’ll have a look at the image you selected and give you my honest opinion on if it will work as a book cover or not. It’s possible to submit more than one image and I’ll work with you on finding the one that will work best from a technical standpoint, as well as from a market standpoint.

If you are looking for a series, you get a $10 discount for the subsequent books in the series (so $35 for the first book, $25 for every book after). In order to get the discount, apply the coupon codes ExtraTitle1, ExtraTitle2, ExtraTitle3, etc. in your checkout process. If you buy a three book series, you’d but three title cover packages and apply ExtraTitle1 and ExtraTitle2, for example. Please note that I am not responsible for your application of these discounts and there are no refunds if you forget. Thank you for understanding.

Please, read all about this package here before you buy!

Note: This package includes only an e-book cover. You can add a full wrap upgrade to your order here.

Once you have purchased this package, please fill in the title cover order form so I can get started!

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