Order a Custom Cover

You have written a book, congratulations! Or maybe you’re still writing but you’re sure you’ll get to the end, that’s awesome too! No matter where you are in the process of publishing a book, the cover is what is going to bring it all together, both for you and your reader. A cover can make or break the success of a book and I look forward to getting it right with you.

Research says that a cover design hits or falls flat within three to six seconds. That’s the average time it takes to scroll down a page on Amazon, or on social media. If it doesn’t catch the eye right away, it’s lost. This is why I will work with you to make your book stand out.

I specialize in speculative fiction and my style is story-driven while staying true to the market you’re aiming to hit. As an author of speculative lesbian fiction, I also enjoy working in the LGBT+ market and with LGBT+ clients. Of course, that’s not a requirement!

When you buy a custom cover from me, we’ll work together to make your mental image a reality–or I’ll help you discover what you want your cover to look like.¬†When you apply for this package, we’ll schedule a consultation about what you want and we’ll come to an agreement on the idea of the design. From there on, I’ll build your cover up with stock images and handpainting, then finish it off with a title treatment. You don’t have to do anything but give me a solid brief and sit back while I go to work.

For your money, you get:

– A one-of-kind e-book cover, designed for you and with you, including a professional title treatment
– Three review rounds
– If you are looking for a series, you get a $25 discount for the subsequent books in the series (so $250 for the first book, $225 for every book after). In order to get the discount, apply the coupon code SERIES upon checkout. Please note that I am not responsible for your application of these discounts and there are no refunds if you forget. Thank you for understanding.
– If you need promotional material, please see the promotional packages page for options.
– The price includes all stock images used as well as all DAZ assets (up to a print run of 500,000) from regular stock sites. Boutique and exclusive stock is not included.
– 100% money back guarantee if you’re unhappy or you’ve purchased the package and we can’t come to an agreement on the design.

Purchase your cover here.
Once you have purchased this package, please fill in the cover order form so I can get started!