Pre-Made Covers

Pre-made book covers are an excellent option for authors on a budget. They are cheaper than customized ones because I got to select the perfect images for them and I uses my own ideas and aesthetics. The same level of work goes into my pre-made covers as goes into my custom covers. They are also all unique and they can be adapted to fit your needs to a degree. Pre-made covers range anywhere from $ 55 to $ 85 for an e-book only cover. Purchasing a pre-made cover allows you to:

– Change the title to your own*
– Change the author name to your own
– Add or remove a tagline (in most cases)
– Upgrade it to a full wrap cover for an additional $50
– Have it converted into an audio book cover for an additional $35

All pre-made covers come with a 24 hour max turnabout guarantee and one editing round. Sorry, since you already know what you’re getting, pre-made covers are non-refundable and all purchases are final.

Unless specifically stated as such on the buy page of the pre-made, all pre-made covers can be turned into a series, or a series can be expanded. It’s not possible to buy only one cover in a series; you buy all or none.

As stated above, it is possible to upgrade to a full wrap for your cover at any time during or after the process of buying a pre-made. All pre-made covers can (and often have already been) turned into a full wrap. It is also always possible to turn your cover into an audio book cover format.

If you fall in love with a pre-made but you don’t have a title yet (or even a story to go with it), don’t worry. I’ll send you the pre-made as is so you’ll have something to draw inspiration from until you settle on the final title.

I regularly upload new pre-made covers. If you want to hear about their upcoming releases, join my Facebook group.

All premade purchases are non-refundable.

* Note: Some pre-made covers are designed with a specific length title in mind. This can be adapted some, but in general, a long title won’t fit a pre-made cover that requires a short title and vise-versa. Pelase keep that in mind before buying.


Once you have purchased this package, please fill in the pre-made cover order form so I can get started!