Leaving Bree

Leaving Bree

Heart surgeon Dr Bree Parker has never had a care in the world until Gaston Roget sets his sights on her. Looking for a safe haven from her stalker, she finds herself hiding out in the morgue where she finds a sympathetic shoulder to cry on in Dr Morgan Jennings.

They became fast friends and the line between friendship and the opportunity for something more is often blurred, and always ignored. That is until Bree announces she’s pregnant, and getting married. Devastated, Morgan finally acknowledges her feelings for her friend. Unable to stand by and watch her marry Tony, she sends Bree a letter explaining that she’s leaving town, but if Bree feels the same way, then she should stop her from leaving.
Bree doesn’t turn up.

Morgan finds herself on the shore of the lake, looking out onto the mountains. In the arms of Maggie, she has the chance to love again, but leaving Bree is more difficult than she thought. Especially when circumstance keeps bringing her home to LA.
Back to Bree.

Will there be a chance for them to reconcile? Or will Morgan return to the mountains?

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