The Mad, Bad Boys of St. Matthews

The Mad, Bad Boys of St. Matthews

Have you ever closed your eyes at night and imagined darkly erotic thoughts that make you squirm with how hot they are…and how wrong they are? Have you ever fantasized about things you’d never want in real life because they’re just too twisted and dirty?

Maybe you imagine yourself as the object of more than one man’s attention? Or maybe you dream of being used or objectified…perhaps even a little humiliated? Do you dream about being coerced into doing things you’d never confess to wanting?

If you do, then come with me on a journey where you’ll meet three handsome, successful, dominant men who believe that while men may still be boys, women are nothing but toys. Their toys. Toys to play with, to pose, to use, and to discard. These men refuse to adhere to the stringent norms of today’s polite society. Instead, they follow their own four basic rules:

1. Every girl is to be shared.
2. Every encounter is to be recorded.
3. Every girl wants to say yes.
4. Every girl has the right to say no.

Follow the erotic adventures of Aaron, Bishop, and Lane as they seduce three very different women. Find out what they truly think about women, and how they go about setting women free to enjoy their basest, most deviant pleasures, with or without the guilt.

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