Our Blood

Our Blood

21-year-old Brandy Lee is a newborn she-wolf assigned to drive Lady Rochelle, the leader of she-wolves. Within hours of reporting for her first day, Brandy Lee’s world is turned upside down when she learns she is the reason for an uprising.

Vampire Raven lives a comfortable, quiet life as the assistant for the leader of the vampires, Queen Lana. At least until temptation strolls into the RedBlood Estate—by the name of Brandy Lee. Soon, Raven has no choice; she must follow her heart. But will it lead her into love or danger?

Blood Runs Through The Heart from authors L.L. Shelton, and T.A. Williams is set in the modern world, except in this version, humans, she-wolves, and vampires live together in peace. Or until the rumor of an uprising spreads.

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