Phazed World: A New Beginning

Phazed World: A New Beginning

Over 200,000 years ago, a beautiful planet named Kelneinia existed between Mars and Jupiter. The Kelneinians were an advanced and peaceful civilization.

Another advanced civilization from across the galaxy, called the Ugearons, happened upon Kelneinia while exploring. A young Captain of a Kelneinian battlecruiser thought the Ugearon ship hostile and fired on their vessel.

The Ugearons retaliated by launching a planet destroying missile at Kelneinia, striking the planet’s northern region. Only a few battlecruisers deploying on patrol escaped the attack.

Two of the three surviving battlecruisers fled to the third planet from the sun, called Earth. The third ship remained hidden among the debris to warn other Kelneinian ships returning from patrol, only none came. The ship’s Captain ordered a permanent radio silence. Massive radiation sterilized the crew.

The other ship’s Captains destroyed their ships and technology upon landing on the Earth to avoid detection. The survivors blended in with the primitive species to ensure their survival. Thus, began humankind’s existence on Earth. The surviving ship is discovered by a NASA team exploring the asteroid belt in 2085.

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