The Miners Of Zalma

The Miners Of Zalma

Thief. Street rat. Criminal. Clover’s been called many things; all of which she claims innocence to. She has spent her life working in the mines on Zalma, barely making ends meet, and cursing the floating city, Istrance, where wealth, power and the simple luxuries that are kept from the miners are abundant. One day her friend falls ill to a mysterious sickness that only the forbidden healing gem, letia, can cure and, while the gem is off limits to those on Zalma, she knows just where she can find some.

Lev has worked years to make a name for himself on Istrance. One of power, wealth, and luxury. Now all he needs to secure his position is a wife. He submits his request for a bride but before he can celebrate, he gets word of an attempted robbery on one of his shuttles. He expects to find a dirty thief and a poor miner. Instead, he finds a hot red-head and for the first time in years he finds himself at a loss.

Tension between the two worlds is building, and rumors of a rebellion are stirring. Will Lev and Clover find common ground when their lives unexpectedly collide? Or, will they be forced to choose their side and fight a war that’s been brewing for centuries?

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