The Triple L

The Triple L

Sex is easier than love, especially for a queer outlaw.

In 1878, Landen Morrison is a wandering cowgirl with an ugly past that keeps finding her, even when she rides into a Texan town. Simply searching for work, alcohol and sex, she accidentally lets her guard down around Ranger Raleigh Baylor, the only female lawmen.

After Landen leaves town for work, news travels about the infamous Sam Bass Gang and their string of robberies. Among their ranks is the outlaw, The Triple L, who Raleigh recognizes as Landen. War ensues between the rangers and the gang, including a personal battle of justice and betrayal between the two opposing women. As the conflict comes to a bloody end, the truths of Landen’s lies are revealed.

Can Raleigh’s love conquer Landen’s dark past, or have they lost each other forever?

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