As a Spartan king’s elite guard, duty comes before love. Always.

In a time when men rule, Halcyon rises above, is the master of her own life, and the only female warrior among her people. At home, Halcyon controls her property and her personal slaves with a strict hand, until the day she purchases an unusual slave. Her new slave, Thora, is a woman from faraway lands with a thunderous spirit that cannot be enslaved. Will Halcyon free Thora before the slave takes matters into her own hands?

Step back into the glory of Ancient Sparta when the city-state becomes a formidable military power. Learn about Sparta’s unique social system including women’s unlikely roles in both the house and in public affairs.

Thora is a 45,000-word 3rd-person omniscient Historical Lesbian Romance novel. It includes a glossary for minor Greek terminology. No rape. No BDSM. No cliffhanger. Happy ending.

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