Wicomico Slow

Wicomico Slow

Prepare to settle in for a slow romance, some Maryland crab, and a bit of murder.

Clare Danforth is ready for another crazy year at Wicomico University, but not for a serial killer targeting fellow students. On top of it, she accidentally has a one night stand with another woman that’s against her religious upbringing. She plans to ignore it all until she’s pulled over by Trooper Leigh Carver, who is tall, gorgeous and totally gay. One traffic stop is all it takes to stir Clare’s true feelings.

As a young Maryland State Trooper, Leigh is dedicated to her job, willing to sacrifice anything for her badge—including her sexual orientation. And as her attraction for Clare grows, she fears losing her job in a male dominate field. After an argument that divides them, Leigh confronts her decision to serve in silence and whether it’s possible to have both duty and love. But Leigh’s choice may be too late after Clare’s sudden disappearance.

Leigh is willing to do anything to find the love of her life… before Clare vanishes forever.

Wicomico Slow is an 118,000 word third-person New Adult Contemporary Romance Lesbian novel set on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Story includes a minor thriller theme. Suitable for a mature audience. No cliffhanger.

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