“Highly Recommend”

January 16, 2019 L.H. Whitlock 0 Comments

Review for Galactic Battle Series

“When I decided to rebrand all my books I was not sure exactly what it was going to look like or how I was going to go about doing it. May helped me the entire way. Not only is she incredibly proficient in her craft, she also knows how to bring life to an idea. I provided a few scenes, a bit about the characters and feel I wanted and voila, May created cover designs way more impressive then anything I could have imagined. I had a series so all the covers had to have a certain flow to them so that readers would know that they are a continuation. She pulled it off flawlessly. I have honestly not been this excited about my writing career in a long time and I am SO excited to re-release and get my second series rebranded as well. I love her prices and her communication has been amazing. She usually responds in a few minutes regardless of our time zone differences. It was so nice to be able to upload my images into my publishing accounts and just press ‘submit.’ No hassle and no need to resize after resize. I recommend her to anyone!”

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